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Hi guys! I am glad to inform you that my blog is now hosted at the main website. We have migrated all the content from this site to the new one. This is the new link: 

I invite you to connect with me on the new site and stay informed about AARP’s multicultural initiatives. Because there’s so much we live for.

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Remembering MLK’s Legacy

Yesterday, we celebrated that legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to reminisce his dream for a just and equal society and being reminded about our personal responsibility to keep his vision alive. It was also time to reflect on this country’s turbulent history and be thankful for the sacrifices made by MLK and other visionary civil rights’ leaders. In large part, Latinos and women owe their freedom directly to the sacrifices made by civil rights activists, who fought tooth and nail to secure our basic civil liberties. Because of their blood, sweat and tears, we inherited a more egalitarian society. I feel grateful for their tremendous contribution to society and opening the doors of equality for us all.

At AARP this month, we are commemorating MLK’s legacy with a special webpage loaded with videos, interviews and tributes to Dr. King and the heroes of the civil rights movement. It also features inspiring essays by AARP’s leadership, an exclusive interview with the president and CEO of The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and MLK Jr.’s son, Martin Luther King III.

America has made significant progress since the turbulent 60’s, yet we still face many human rights challenges today. For example, we still need to fight against poverty, educational gaps, and discrimination against seniors and minorities. I invite all of you to become more civically engaged; by effecting positive change in our communities, we honor the legacy of Dr. King, Jr.

Change is possible and no obstacle is insurmountable. To add some context around the enormity of Dr King’s contribution, I would like to share an amazing quote from the chairman of the Nobel committee during the 1964 Nobel Peace Price award presentation speech:

“Here he lived in a society where a sharp barrier existed between Negroes and whites. Worse still, the black community in Montgomery was itself divided, its leaders at loggerheads and the rank and file paralyzed by the passivity of its educated members. As a result of their apathy, few of them were engaged in the work of improving the status of the Negro. The great majority were indifferent; those who had something to lose were afraid of forfeiting the little they had achieved.”

View a video of the famous MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Read an interview with Martin Luther King III talking about his father.

Check this amazing slideshow with images of the civil rights movement.

Learn more about MLK’s newly dedicated memorial on the National Mall.

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Lowering our Carbon Footprint in 2012

In the Northeast, winter has finally kicked into high gear albeit late in the season. Our heavy, fluffy coats are coming out of the closet later than usual these days. Here at home, we Americans struggle with skyrocketing heating costs, which can put a real dent in our pockets. The environmental consequences of our carbon footprint ultimately make our wallets thinner and endanger our collective future.

As world citizens, we need to acknowledge that our planet has finite resources. Accordingly, we must be ever more conscious about how to use them wisely.

For all these reasons, AARP has been at the forefront on this issue, guiding our members on how we can become “greener” and make it a sustainable practice that we all can pass on to our children.

For example, check our how-to guide on the basic steps to help others go green, both at home and in your community. This resource belongs to a broader campaign called “Create the Good” or “Compartir es viviren español. We also provide fun tips about how to help the environment as well as important information about the chilling effects of pollution on our health.

It is easier being “green” than you may think. You can tackle a small house project or simply help a neighbor change a light bulb for an energy-efficient one. All actions, both small and large, count towards reducing the amount of carbon monoxide produced by our daily living. Let’s work together as a big familia and do our part towards saving our planet for future generations.

Learn more about how you can save money on your utility bills.

PS. The United Nations has declared 2012 as the “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All” in an effort to attract global attention to this issue.

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AARP’s Online Social Security Benefits Calculator en español

Happy 2012 familia! As promised, I’m starting this New Year with the best energies and sharing relevant information for Latinos. I want to kick off my first blog of 2012 taking about how applying for your Social Security benefits can potentially lead to a road full of twists and unknown turns. Fortunately, I’m here with great news for our community. AARP has unveiled a Social Security Benefits Calculator en español that helps you determine the best time to claim benefits.

Part of AARP’s “Ready for Retirement” effort, this interactive tool is designed to guide you through what can be at times a tricky process. This initiative also includes a ten-step approach to help you start with the planning process, creating a sustainable budget and preparing for the unexpected. I am pleased with this new tool because claiming your Social Security benefits should not be a burdensome event but exactly the opposite: An exciting and rewarding step towards a happy retirement.

Also, the Social Security Administration has expanded its suite of online services en español and now you are able to apply online for Social Security retirement and Medicare benefits totally in language. The application process for Social Security should take only 15 minutes and can be done in the comfort of your home. The Medicare application process should only take an additional 10 minutes and with very little additional paper work to submit.


To use AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator please click here.

To learn more about the Social Security information en español, go to the SSA’s website.

Read about AARP’s premiums and services for Latinos by visiting

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My 2012 Resolutions

The New Year is upon us and it is time to make a balance sheet for 2011 and work on our 2012 goals. This year has been like a roller coaster ride for millions of Americans. A slow-economic recovery, high unemployment rates and rising medical costs have prevented millions from enjoying their retirement and clouding what is supposed to be their “golden years.” These are some of the reasons why AARP works to help millions of our members and Americans navigate these turbulent economic waters.

One of my priorities for next year is to devote time every week to write on my blog about AARP’s many programs and online tools designed to help Latinos. On a personal level, I want to focus more on healthy living for my family and I. The famous Dr. Oz recently shared a 6-month plan that helps you live longer and healthier. He recommends changing your diet, increase your exercise, decrease your stress levels and, finally, incorporating these elements into a new lifestyle.

Often easier said than done, starting the New Year with plans for reinvention and rejuvenation is the right and first step for a better future. Remember, we still have the chance to grow as individuals, to devote more time for ourselves and keep shining in the lives of our loved ones. Because there’s so much that we live for.

My best wishes to all of you on these holidays! ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

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AARP ayuda a los Latinos a aportar en sus comunidades

Por muchos años, AARP ha trabajado incansablemente en nombre de la comunidad de 50 años o más, creando oportunidades a nuestros socios para apoyar y crear un impacto social duradero a través de programas que enriquecen el bienestar económico y físico de los americanos mayores. La organización también ha enfocado sus esfuerzos a nuestras familias multiculturales, particularmente en las comunidades Latinas, Afroamericanas y Asiáticas, creando un diálogo educacional en cuestiones financieras básicas y facilitando el trabajo voluntario de nuestros socios. Uno de esos esfuerzos voluntarios en la comunidad Latina es “Compartir es Vivir” el cual les permite servir a la comunidad en horarios flexibles. Ya sean cinco horas o cinco minutos, el programa “Compartir es Vivir” conecta a los participantes con organizaciones de servicio comunitario en su área, permitiéndoles escoger entre una selección de programas y su nivel de compromiso. Para aprender más, por favor visita:

Más oportunidades de trabajo voluntario están también disponibles a través del AARP Foundation Tax Aide, el cual es el servicio de asistencia de preparación de impuestos gratis más grande del país. Por ejemplo, los participantes pueden ayudar traduciendo al español, preparando impuestos, o dando la bienvenida al hermano de tu amigo o a la abuelita de alguien en la comunidad que necesite consejos financieros. AARP ofrece entrenamiento, así es que no es necesario tener experiencia previa. Para descubrir cómo convertirte en un voluntario, por favor visita:

De vez en cuando, estaré presentando oportunidades para trabajar en tu comunidad a través de AARP. Para información adicional e información de cómo te puedes involucrar, por favor visita:

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AARP Helps Latinos Give Back to Communities

For many years, AARP has worked tirelessly on behalf of the 50+ community by creating opportunities for our members to support and make an enduring social impact through programs that lift the financial and physical well-being of older Americans. The organization has also focused efforts on multicultural families particularly in the Latino, African American, and Asian communities by facilitating volunteerism for our members. One such volunteer effort in the Latino community is ‘Compartir es Vivir’ which allows you to serve your community through flexible scheduling. Whether it’s five hours or five minutes of time, the ‘Compartir es vivir’ program connects participants with community service organizations in their area, allowing them to choose from a selection of programs as well as their level of commitment. To learn more, please visit:

Volunteer opportunities are also available through AARP Foundation Tax Aide, which is the nation’s largest free tax preparation and assistance service. For instance, participants can serve as Spanish translators, tax preparers, or greeters to help your friend’s brother or someone’s abuelita from the community garner needed financial advice. AARP provides training, so experience is not necessary. To find out more or become a volunteer, please visit:

From time to time, I will feature opportunities to work in your community through AARP. For additional information about AARP and how you can get involved, please visit:

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