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Lowering our Carbon Footprint in 2012

In the Northeast, winter has finally kicked into high gear albeit late in the season. Our heavy, fluffy coats are coming out of the closet later than usual these days. Here at home, we Americans struggle with skyrocketing heating costs, which can put a real dent in our pockets. The environmental consequences of our carbon footprint ultimately make our wallets thinner and endanger our collective future.

As world citizens, we need to acknowledge that our planet has finite resources. Accordingly, we must be ever more conscious about how to use them wisely.

For all these reasons, AARP has been at the forefront on this issue, guiding our members on how we can become “greener” and make it a sustainable practice that we all can pass on to our children.

For example, check our how-to guide on the basic steps to help others go green, both at home and in your community. This resource belongs to a broader campaign called “Create the Good” or “Compartir es viviren español. We also provide fun tips about how to help the environment as well as important information about the chilling effects of pollution on our health.

It is easier being “green” than you may think. You can tackle a small house project or simply help a neighbor change a light bulb for an energy-efficient one. All actions, both small and large, count towards reducing the amount of carbon monoxide produced by our daily living. Let’s work together as a big familia and do our part towards saving our planet for future generations.

Learn more about how you can save money on your utility bills.

PS. The United Nations has declared 2012 as the “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All” in an effort to attract global attention to this issue.

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